I am glad that you have proved your marvelous decision making power by planning to join our college. I need to say that ours is one of the best Private colleges . With a devoted and highly qualified set of faculty members, well provided infrastructure and efficient administrative staff, we always impart best education by giving depth in the subject that you are likely to pursue. We know that mere education does not make you a complete woman. So, We encourage you to participate in the co curricular activities. With NSS, and RED RIBBON, we provide you ample opportunities to know the world outside and to strengthen your sense of social commitments. With our library, we want you to develop reading habits. We do not lag behind in our sports activities. We always endeavour that when you go out of our portals you should be recognized as highly knowledgeable, amiable, active and greatly trust worthy one.

Thanks to the educationally committed management, we have the reputation that we provide all the facilities and amenities. In this respect we become neighbours envy. I am sure that you are going to be one of them. Good luck.