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MSN Women’s College Madurai

MSN Women's College MaduraiMSN Women’s College Madurai – MSN Women’s College Madurai was established in 1999. This institution particularly aims at the upliftment of rural women in and around Poovanthi. Even though it was started by Madurai Sivakasi Nadars Uravinmurai, a charitable society, the institution caters to the needs of all the members of public without any discrimination of caste, creed or religion. MSN Women’s College Madurai – As an institution of higher education for women with 16 years of expertise in education, the institution aims at instilling in rural women a thirst for knowledge, the fervour to preserve the tradition and culture of India, cherish the ethical and spiritual values and uphold a life of purity and discipline. Thus, the institution renders dedicated service to the less-privileged sections of the rural community.